How to Bleach Black Hair

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Black hair is one of the most difficult colors to dye. Many individuals bleach their hair first to make the dying process easier. Bleaching hair can also be another way to lighten your hair if you don't want to dye. The bleaching process can be difficult because you have to be very careful to not irritate skin. At the same time, you have to work quickly. Having a friend and clothes you don't mind getting ruined is much needed in the bleaching process.

Wash hair thoroughly with shampoo and leave-in conditioner the night before applying the bleach. Since you are working with black hair, you will need a bleaching kit with 40 volume.

Put gloves on and mix the bleach solution by following directions on the package. It's best to test on a small inconspicuous patch of hair, and see how long it takes to get to the appropriate color. Check the bleach every two to three minutes.

Apply a towel around your neck. Use petroleum jelly around your hair line to prevent bleach from irritating your skin.

Start bleaching your hair from the back, where hair is darkest, and work toward the top. Do this by parting hair with a plastic comb in two-inch sections. Coat hair evenly with bleach. You will need to work quickly but carefully. Do not apply bleach directly on the scalp or roots. Having a friend help is a good idea.

Put a plastic cap on your head. When the bleaching is almost done, carefully apply bleach on the roots of your hair without putting it on your scalp. The roots of your hair bleach much faster than the rest of your hair so do this last.

Rinse the bleach out when time is up, then shampoo hair thoroughly. Apply conditioner to restore moisture to your hair. Never leave bleach in your hair longer than the directions recommend. You can seriously damage your hair.