How to Behave Like a Geisha

How to Behave Like a Geisha. The life of geisha is glamorous, exhausting and confined. If you wish to behave like a geisha you must understand that the very word geisha means artist, and you are first and foremost a keeper of traditions. Your life is not really your own, so before you make the decision to become a geisha, you must understand the behaviors that will be expected of you.

Buy an exquisite kimono and learn the correct manner of dressing in a kimono. One kimono can cost upwards of $10,000, so your clothing will speak volumes about you as a geisha.

Train in the art of music and dance. Older geisha are excellent teachers. Cover your mouth when you laugh.

Attend cigar-smoke and sake fumed parties frequented by only rich men. Engage in the art of conversation to beguile a wealthy man into becoming your patron.

Perform tea ceremonies, arrange flowers, and attend parties. You're paid to do this; it's your job.

Be modest. You should not show skin, even your hands should be covered in traditional white make-up. Bow your head often and keep eyes lowered.

Keep your hair impeccable at all times and walk as if you have a newspaper between your legs-this will look graceful in kimono.

Be elegant and refined at all times. Your job is to make others feel wonderful in your presence.