How to Become Ordained to Perform Weddings

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Performing a wedding is a service that helps to unite people. If you would like to become ordained to perform weddings, either one time for a friend or family member or to start a new career, ordination is generally the easy part. You can attend the seminary for a specific denomination or pursue a faster path using a variety of Internet ordination resources. Depending on the state where you live, you may have to provide specific documentation to the government before you can perform weddings.

Choose a church affiliation for your ordination. Most mainstream Christian churches require you to attend the seminary for a few years; however, you can also use online options, such as or, to become ordained instantly online. These types of organizations offer nondenominational ordination options for every state.

Fill out the required paperwork using your full legal name and the appropriate information. In certain states, you may also have to add notarization to the package that you purchase. Some sites will offer you free ordination while others will charge a fee. There are several options from which to choose.

Check with the county clerk in the area where you will perform the wedding. Some clerks will only require that you show your ordination certificate or send a copy of it along with the wedding license; others will require a letter of good faith or an affiliation of some sort to a local church. The site where you obtained your ordination can generally help you find this information as well. Once you have approval from the county clerk then you can use your ordination to perform weddings.