How to Assemble Gift Boxes

three gift boxes isolated on the white image by Elnur from

Assembling your own gift box can bring an ordinary store bought gift to life. Indeed, if beautifully made, a gift box can be almost as important as the gifts they contain. You can assemble your own gift boxes using ready made templates downloaded from various craft websites. Assembling these types of boxes is usually simple if you follow careful instructions. You can finish off the festive look of your box by tying a colorful bow on it, and once you’ve finished you will have greatly enhanced the value of the gift you have given.

Draw or download a pattern for your box. You can download a good pattern for your box from the craft website Craft Stylish. For a really attractive box, be sure to download a pattern that has the box as well as a lid. A good pattern will ensure that the lid is slightly wider than the base.

Score the back of the template, along the lines of the pattern. Use the bone creaser to do this.

Fold and crease the box and the lid according to your score marks using the ruler to guide you. Fold the sides of the box upward and fold the corner pleats inward. This will leave you with four pairs of triangular sides. Glue them together.

Assemble the lid by folding all of the sides upward, all the flaps inward and then fold the tops of three of the sides down over the flaps, locking them in place.

Fold the fourth side inward. This final side will cover all of the pieces inside the lid and hold them in place.