How to Apply Toner to Highlighted Hair


0:00 Hi! My name is Dawn Shannon for Expert Village, owner of Intuition Salon and Spa I’m also

0:06 a hairstylist and a colorist. Now I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to put a what’s

0:10 called a toner on her hair. A toner is a great tool you can use it to tie end when you’re

0:17 doing multidimensional color, it adds shine to the hair, it also if there were some tones

0:24 in the hair that you wanted to eliminate such as gold you can use a toner to help neutralize

0:30 that color, it something that can usually easily be done at the bowl on wet hair, you

0:36 can also do it at your chair with dry hair. Now this particular toner I’m going to put

0:41 on I’m going to put it on quiet quickly, focusing at the root area it usually stays

0:48 on anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes, I’m going to use the toner just to keep the color looking

0:55 natural and I’m going to leave it on about a total of 7 minutes. You can also use it

1:02 to add gold tones, red tones, a lot of times we use it on blonds, go ahead and rub it in

1:13 and run it through the ends evenly. I’m going to take a towel, put it under my clients

1:33 neck so that she’s comfortable some clients may prefer to sit up and some may prefer to

1:41 sit at your chair and now we’re going to let it process for 7 minutes. Okay so the

1:48 toner has now processed I’m going to remove the towel from under the clients neck so there

1:53 isn’t color trapped under there when we’re rinsing and same thing as normal hair color

1:59 is you want to use cooler water when rinsing the hair. I thoroughly rinsed her hair and

2:23 I’m very gently since I already have shampooed her hair I’m just going to very gently shampoo

2:28 her hair using a color safe shampoo and again rinsing the color till the water runs clear

2:46 from scalp to ends and that is how you apply and rinse a toner.