How to Apply Rock Star Makeup


Rock stars throughout the ages have sported flashy makeup. This is not surprising because rock stars have to be photographed very often from the stage and for press photographs. Here are a few ways to achieve that flashy rock star makeup look.

Wear thick black eyeliner, whether you're a boy or a girl! Thick, jet black, smudgy eyeliner is the perfect beginning to create the authentic rock star look. A great way to achieve this is to purchase a thick, black eyeliner pencil such as "Bad Gal" which is available from the Benefit cosmetics line.

Smear your eye makeup on. Another way to get the "Panda" eye makeup look (think Jared Leto in 30 Seconds to Mars) is to use a "smudge pot," like the ones available from Stila. You can apply the Smudge Pot makeup liberally around your eyes by either smudging it on with your fingers or by using a Q-tip or some kind of brush. Remember, the smudgier the better.

Keep your skin as pale as possible. Rock stars llike to keep their skin as pale as possible, maybe because they are trying to give the impression that they only go out at night or maybe because it gives them a sickly look. Either way, you should limit your foundation to pale colors if you're going to apply any. No bronzer is necessary--you want to be devoid of "lively" color.

Wear glitter! Smear the glitter all over your face (but in moderation) or wear it with your eye makeup. Either way, glitter has been rock 'n roll for decades (just look at David Bowie / Ziggy Stardust). The glitter can be silver, gold, or any color in the rainbow. Nothing says "rocker" like the sparkle and shine of glitter.

Wear your makeup slightly "messy"! A key way to look like a rock star is to look like your makeup was applied yesterday and you just woke up with it still on. It should never look too neat or put together--that would be going against the whole rocker concept.


  • Feel free to be crazy. That is part of the rock star style. Make your eyeliner as thick as you want. Make it as messy as you want. There aren't that many rules to sporting the rock star makeup style. The only rules might be to not make it look "normal"!

  • As for lips, there aren't that many rules. Many rockers keep their lips pale, using only chap stick or using a lighter color. However, some rockers (think Debbie Harry of Blondie and Courtney Love of Hole) light to make their lips a bright, crimson color.