How to Apply Protectant Spray to Suede Boots Images

Suede comes from the underside of an animal's hide. The hides do not only come from calves, but also pigs, goats and even lambs. The final product is usually buffed and quite smooth. Thus, many people enjoy suede clothing, such as jackets and boots. Suede boots will last for years if you treat them right and protect them from water and stains. However, before applying a protectant spray, you need to clean them and brush them properly.

Get rid of stains on your boots. Get a piece of fine-grade sandpaper or use an emery board. Rub the stain lightly. Always rub in one direction and never rub too hard because this can damage your suede.

Remove dried dirt and scuffs from the boots. Use a pencil eraser and gently rub it in a circular motion to remove dirty spots and scuffs.

Brush the suede with a suede brush. Brush in one direction, starting at the top of the boot and working down. The brushing will bring the nap back up, so never skip this step.

Apply a water and stain protector product to the suede. Buy a product that does not contain silicone, because this may dry out the suede. Spray it evenly over the boots. Start at the top and move down. Always follow the directions on the label for the proper application. Allow the boots to dry.