How to Apply Mascara on Bottom Lashes

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Although there are mascaras packaged with a smaller brush to make application on the bottom lashes more effortless, your regular mascaras can be used just as effectively on both the upper and lower lashes. Regardless of the size of the brush on your mascara wand, a little know-how is all it takes to expertly define your bottom lashes. If messy mascara application is one of your makeup issues, discover here the expert trick for putting mascara on without getting the product all over the undereye area.

Use a piece of tissue to wipe excess mascara off of your wand prior to product application. This will prevent messy and unattractive clumping on your lower lashes, or at least highly lessen the chances of clumping. Any clumps that do stick to your lashes will be small and can be immediately dislodged with the mascara wand as you go along. Invest in a waterproof formula if smudging has been an issue for you so that the mascara stays on your lashes instead of transferring to your skin.

Fold a fresh square of tissue paper in half and place it under your bottom lashes. Hold it in place with your non-dominant hand. Although this isn't a must, it is a preventive measure that keeps mascara smudges off of your skin as you apply the product if you have shaky or unsteady hands.

Position the mascara wand vertically instead of horizontally, lightly touching the tip to your bottom lashes for a naturally defined look that does not appear spiky or spidery. Allow more mascara to get on your lashes if you are going for a smoldering or intensely smoky look. In any case, applying mascara with the wand in a horizontal position is better suited to the top lashes, which should appear fuller and lusher than the lower ones. Excessively defined lower lashes will make your eyes appear bottom-heavy.

Dab a creamy concealer on your undereye area and on the inner corners of your eyes by the bridge of your nose. Be gentle with the delicate skin here by patting carefully over demarcation lines instead of dragging your finger back and forth to dissolve the product. Set concealer with a light dusting of translucent powder. Applying mascara on the bottom lashes adds darkness under your eyes, so it is especially important to take steps to brighten up the area if you have noticeable shadows here to begin with. This will also clean up any specks of mascara that manage to get under your eyes.