How to Apply Mary Kay Eye Makeup

by Sharon Mcelwee ; Updated September 28, 2017

Mary Kay creates luxurious makeup products that are easy to use and fun to try. Here we will review how to create a simple look using three shades of Mary Kay eyeshadow.

While eye primer is an optional step, it really helps give your eyeshadow staying power. Apply a thin coat of eye primer from your lids all the way up under your eyebrow.

With the lightest shade of eyeshadow, cover both eyelids.

Working with the medium shade of eyeshadow, start at the very top of your lid and sweep across. This is in the crease area of your eye, and should be barely visible above the crease. Blend with a finger or sponge.

Moving on to the lightest shade of eyeshadow, sweep from the crease all the way up under the eyebrow. As with the previous shade, blend with a finger or makeup sponge. If you have deep-set, small eyes, use this shade to line under the eye by applying with a very thin brush. If you have large eyes, skip this and use eyeliner instead.

Add eyeliner on the top lids. If you use a dark or liquid eyeliner, you can blend it into the bottom lid for a smoky look. If you have large eyes, line below the eyes as well.

Add mascara that matches the eyeliner. You can add multiple coats for thick, dramatic lashes. Use an eyelash curler to lengthen lashes if desired.


    • Your Mary Kay consultant can help you choose colors that work well with your facial features including skin tone and hair/eye color.
    • Take advantage of free samples to test drive new colors or types of makeup.

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