How to Apply Makeup Like the Movie Stars

by Lea WhiteFeather

Perhaps you envy how polished your favorite actress looks almost everywhere she goes. With access to insider makeup techniques and products, you can capture your own slice of perfection. You only need put yourself in the beauty loop--where the celebrities are--to get wind of the latest breakthroughs and styles before the rest of the world does. Read on for more tips that will leave your less beauty-savvy peers awestruck at the new you.

Step 1

Use products that bring out the best in your skin, such as cover-all concealers, light-bending foundation and moisturizers with shimmer particles. Take excellent care of your skin. A flawless and glowing complexion is more than half the battle. With good skin, you don't need as much makeup, or you have an ideally smooth canvas for creating a variety of looks.

Step 2

Wear the latest makeup shades and textures that most become your coloring and skin type. Stay on top of the latest breakthroughs in the makeup world. There are always new products with innovative features and special hues for your eyes, cheeks and lips.

Step 3

Blend away any lines of demarcation or hard edges in your makeup. Movie stars hire makeup artists who see to this for them. To look like you have a professional makeup artist who helps you get ready, always go for a perfect finish. Before stepping outside, tame shine with translucent powder. Carry powder-free, oil-blotting papers in your purse as well.

Step 4

Perfect your makeup application down to the smallest detail. Seemingly little things like lipstick on your teeth, a speck of mascara on your nose and uneven eyeliner are what draw down the line between celebrity beauty and wannabe celebrity beauty. Along the same lines, yellow teeth are very obvious in photographs. Use a home whitening kit to get a dazzling smile.

Step 5

Study the looks of celebrities whose makeup you admire. Find out which makeup artists create these looks. You can then follow the work of these professionals and find out their beauty secrets. See our Resources section for the Website to a great makeup artist.


  • Unless you already naturally resemble a certain celebrity, there is no need to try to look like a particular one. Aim for how you would look if you were a celebrity yourself.


  • Don't obsess about movie star perfection. Even celebrities don't look like they appear in magazines. Airbrushing perfects the flaws of movie stars.

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