How to Apply Makeup After 60 Years Old


0:05 hi this is Christina Farrell from the

0:07 makeup and today's question

0:10 is how to apply makeup after sixty years

0:13 old well our lovely model here is in her

0:15 50s but it's the same type of makeup

0:19 application and the same theory as you

0:22 can see you want to keep the makeup soft

0:24 and glowing fresh colors such as peaches

0:27 bronze apricots and a softly defined eye

0:31 is what's really going to create a

0:33 youthful look with the face another

0:36 trick is to avoid powder if you have any

0:39 oil enos as you can see right here

0:42 we used a soft pore refining an oil

0:45 minimizing gel that should replace

0:47 powder powder can tend to to cake and

0:50 dry up on dry your skin or more mature

0:53 skin here we have a light reflecting

0:56 concealer and also a little bit of a

0:59 highlighter on the cheekbones to uplift

1:01 the face and give it a really beautiful

1:03 soft lit glow the eyes are defined with

1:06 a little bit of bronze and dark brown

1:08 matte eyeliner the lips finally are a

1:12 bright but soft apricot peachy lip gloss

1:15 to create that fullness and that

1:18 youthful look very simple very clean

1:21 dewy and elegant you want the face to

1:26 look lit from within radiant and

1:28 youthful if you have any other questions

1:31 please feel free to reach out to me i'm

1:33 christina farrell at the makeup

1:35 thanks so much for watching