How to Apply Fake Eyelashes so Eyes Look Wide Open


0:05 hi my name is Christina Farrell of the

0:08 makeup and today's question

0:10 is how to apply fake eyelashes so the

0:14 eyes look wide open well my favorite tip

0:18 and I feel like the easiest one to do at

0:20 home by yourself is to use eyelashes

0:22 that are made just for the outer corners

0:25 of the eyes this lifts the eye up this

0:29 also adds that really beautiful cat eyed

0:32 look and it's very simple to do yourself

0:35 so let's get started place the strip

0:38 lightly down onto the glue you do not

0:42 need a lot of glue you want it on the

0:47 end of the strip only next when you're

0:51 doing this at home hold the I taut and

0:53 look down at a mirror place the lash

0:56 place the false eyelash on to the lashes

0:59 and push upwards you want this to be

1:03 touching the base of your lash line not

1:06 anywhere near the eyelid I prefer to use

1:12 tweezers at all times because it really

1:15 helps to have control and to give a

1:22 precision application as you can see

1:25 once again I'm holding that either taut

1:28 and putting the eyelashes right on the

1:33 outer corners of the eye as you can see

1:38 this opens up the eye just leaving that

1:42 beautiful definition on the corner of

1:44 the eye once again to be able to use

1:49 false eyelashes to make the eyes look

1:51 more awake look for eyelashes that are

1:54 simply used on the corner of the eye

1:57 they're called half lashes these will

1:59 really help to open up the eyes give you

2:02 a nice sexy awake look and are very easy

2:04 to use at home my name is Cristina

2:07 Farrell from the makeup and

2:09 thank you for watching

2:16 you