How to Apply a Lace Decoration on a Wedding Cake

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Lace decorations can add a touch of elegance to a wedding cake, whether you're looking for elaborate, over-the-top and incredibly intricate designs or a simple lace pattern. You can create a lace decoration directly on the cake or make them separately and apply them to the cake later, depending on the amount of time and cake-decorating expertise you have. Choose the method that best works for your situation and give yourself time to practice if you've never used a lace decoration on a cake before.

Piped Directly Onto the Cake

Make thinned icing in the color of your choice. Use the same color as the frosted cake or a color that complements your wedding colors.

Put a small, round tip inside of the decorating bag and fill the bag one-fourth full with thinned icing.

Hold the decorating bag at slightly less than a 90-degree angle. Touch a part of the edge of the cake that will be covered with a border.

Use even pressure and move the tip up, down and around to produce a lace effect. Change directions often to avoid creating duplicate patterns. Do not overlap any lines.

Continue around the cake or to the end of the pattern you are making. For example, create a lace heart.

Stop and pull the tip away at the edge of the cake where a border will be formed to end the lace pattern.

Premade Decorations

Tape a large piece of parchment paper to an oblong cake board.

Trace a lace pattern onto the parchment paper. Use fabric lace as the design, draw your own lace design or choose a premade design purchased at a cake supply store.

Lay waxed paper over the pattern.

Put Tip 1 inside of a parchment bag and fill it with Royal Icing in the color of your choice.

Apply even pressure to the parchment bag as you squeeze out the icing and pull along the lines of the pattern you created.

Allow the icing to dry for several hours.

Carefully lift the lace pattern from the wax paper with a spatula and place it on the frosted cake, pressing lightly to keep it in place.