How to Appear More Feminine Images

Learning how to appear more feminine is simply a matter of recognizing common feminine traits and details and incorporating them, while still retaining your own personality. Perhaps you were a tomboy growing up or a sporty girl in high school, but now you wish to make over your look as you’ve grown older or are in an employment situation that requires a wardrobe change. Take the transition into appearing more feminine slowly to be comfortable with the changes you implement. You don’t need to makeover your entire look or change your personality to appear more feminine -- often just a few touches can do the trick.

Free your face of unwanted hair, paying special attention to eyebrows and upper lips. If you have darker hair, tweezing and waxing these areas regularly is a good idea. Have your eyebrows shaped and keep them from becoming unruly by tweezing them regularly.

Learn to use makeup that flatters your face. Check out makeup books from the library, or ask a makeup artist to show you how to achieve the best look. Visit makeup counters at department stores for a consultation, which is usually free. Ask the esthetician for tips on what features are your best and how to draw attention to them.

Dress in feminine clothing, paying attention to style, fabric, cut and color. Wear items that flatter your feminine figure and highlight your best features. Look at fashion magazines to get an idea of new styles that are feminine without being old fashioned. Fashion expert Cynthia Bergstrom suggests wearing slimmer bottoms and flowing tops, if you aren’t yet comfortable wearing a dress or skirt.

Use good posture and walk with poise. When seated, sit in a way that is both feminine and modest. Carry yourself with confidence and class.

Wear your hair in a feminine style, but make sure it is something you can keep up with. If you choose to wear short hair, accent it with hair jewelry such as clips or jeweled bobby pins. If you wear your hair long, don’t always keep it in a ponytail, but wear it down occasionally and style it.