How to Adjust a Rolex Band

watch image by petar Ishmeriev from

If your Rolex watch is too tight or too loose on your wrist, you do not need to send it back to a jeweler to make the band larger or smaller. If it is too loose on your wrist, you can simply remove one of the links to make the bracelet smaller. Your Rolex band differs from other watch bands because of its pins. These pins hold the watch links together and screw into them instead of being pushed directly into the links. Here is how you can adjust your own Rolex band.

Place the Rolex on a soft piece of cloth to prevent scratches while you adjust the band.

Turn your Rolex on its side to put the links in vertical position. Locate the tiny holes at the edge of your links right near the clasp. One edge of your link has holes that contain slits for your screwdriver. Remove the pins from the side with slits. These pins hold your band’s links together, but you can remove up to four links on both sides to re-size the band.

Unscrew two pins on any two consecutive links found on either side of your clasp if you want the link removed. Remove one pin if you only want to add a link. Use your jeweler’s screwdriver to remove and adjust the screws.

Remove the link once it is completely detached from your bracelet. Slide all the remaining links together to align their pin holes. You should come up with one extra link and an extra pin. Save both in a safe place in case you need them in the future.

Add a link if you want to expand your Rolex band. Slide your extra link into the band’s gap and line up the extra link’s pin holes on the links found next to it.

Screw your pins back into the band’s empty pin holes using your jeweler’s screwdriver. You will have only one pin to screw in if you removed a link, but you will need to screw back two pins if you added a new link.