How to Adjust a Leather Clasp on a Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Watch

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Tag Heuer Grand Carrera uses an infinitely-adjustable leather or rubber strap with a push-button deployant. This type of strap does not have holes for a tang or post. The Carrera's deployant instead relies on pressure from the adjustment clasp to hold the watch in place. Adjusting the strap is easy once you get used to the procedure.

Flip the Grand Carrera over, so the sapphire case back is facing up. Place the watch on a firm, padded surface.

Flip the tab up underneath the long end of the strap, using your thumbnail. Push or pull the strap through the loosened clasp, until the band is at the most comfortable position.

Press the tab back down with your thumb or finger. The clasp will snap back into position.