How to Act On A First Date (For Women)

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First dates can be awkward and stressful. Everything seems like a danger zone, from ordering dinner to saying goodnight. Follow a few simple rules and you should get through the date feeling good about yourself, regardless of whether you'd like a second date.

Be ready if he's picking you up at your place. Be on time if you're meeting somewhere. It's not impressive to be fashionably late, and he may interpret it as lack of respect.

Stick with standard food and drink when dining out. Don't order expensive cocktails and pricey dinners. He might get the impression you're so extravagant he can't afford to date you. If he lets you choose the restaurant, pick a quality place that doesn't cost too much, has good food and is comfortable enough for you both to relax.

Watch your language, dress and behavior. Avoid F-words and revealing necklines, and don't be loud and abrasive. Even if this is your normal personality, give him time to get to know you and get used to you.

Treat the conversation as something other than a job interview. Talk naturally about family and friends, but include wider topics such as music and movies you each like. Don't ramble on or be too chatty. Keep the conversation positive. Allow him to talk about himself, and listen.

Remain graceful and polite if you dislike his attitude, find him rude or are offended by something he says. Act courteous, and expect courtesy in return. He may simply be nervous about the date. If you truly disapprove of him, you don't have to go out with him again, but you don't need to communicate this disapproval during the date.

Show him you feel some chemistry -- if you do. A signal such as smiling flirtatiously or touching his wrist or shoulder lets him know you're interested in seeing him again. However, don't overdo it; you don't want him to think you're coming on to him. Most guys know they should act respectful and don't expect sex on the first date. Don't confuse him with mixed messages.