How to Act Cool and Smart

Who doesn't want to look cool and act smart in front of friends? Well, follow these simple steps and you'll stand out among your friends.

Don't get excited about things easily:

Think about it: there is nothing new under the sun. Why jump up and down about things? It would only make you look immature and uncool. A famous author once wrote: Don't sweat over small things and everything is small! Maintain your posture in front of a falling mountain.

Think twice before you talk:

Similarly, don't talk like a chirping bird. Intelligent persons think through about what they are going to say before opening their months. Remember, you can't never take back what you said.

Talk slower and with a deeper voice:

You don't sound too smart if others don't understand you. Slow down when you talk. Also talk with a deeper voice, which sounds more authoritative.

Do your homework:

If you're a student, study for your subject well so that you always have something smart to say in class. If you work, prepare something intelligent to say for every meeting. Your boss will be impressed. Before you to go a party or social gathering, research the hosts and the guests so that you know what topics would interest them.

Match your personality:

Well, if you are by nature a comedian, a loud and jumpy person, you may have to act cool in OTHER ways - by always being there for your friend, by organizing parties, by being the contact person, and by being nice to them. Don't force yourself to change to another person.