How to Accessorize With Clothing

Nobody ever really notices when you under-accessorize (at least, no one without a trained eye in fashion), but when you are overly or wrongly accessorize, the offense is glaringly obvious. After you've chosen your clothing for the day, you need to keep a few rules in mind before throwing on any accessory. Your choice will depend largely on the nature of your outfit and where you will be going that day, whether it's a club, the office or a formal dance.

Pair simple golden and silver bangle bracelets with casual wear such as jeans, tank tops and semicasual blouses. You can also get away with wearing bangles with dress slacks to work.

Pair dark colored bracelets with light colored clothing, and vice versa. It's not necessary to match the color of a bracelet with the color of your clothes; be creative.

Put on dangling earrings when you are wearing a blouse or dress that exposes your shoulders.

Wear studded earrings with turtlenecks, crew neck shirts, business wear and formal dresses. You can also wear dangling earrings with a formal dress, as long as your shoulders are exposed.

Wear hooped silver or gold earrings with semicasual clothing. Wear different colored hoop earrings (white, black or purple) only when you are dressing very casual (sweatpants, school clothes) because they tend to look very cheap.

Put on a simple charm necklace with V-necked blouses that show off your neck and chest; they look great directly up against your skin. When you are wearing a turtleneck with either jeans or slacks, wear a fashion necklace with special details (see Resources for samples). Wear choker necklaces and looped necklaces with formal wear.

Wear wide belts with blouses that already give you an hourglass shape. Adjust a wide belt to sit directly under your bust or a few inches below. Preferably, the color of your belt should match your shoes. If not, then your shoes should be black or the same color as your pants.

Wear a belt that contrasts with your blouse. For example, wear a bright red belt with a black shirt or a black belt with a white shirt. The point is to make the belt stand out.

Wear cotton and plastic headbands with casual clothing, and satin headbands when dressing up. Invest in high-quality headbands to go with your clothes. Many people overlook this great accessory.

Wherever possible, match your headband with the color of your shirt, especially if you are wearing a bright neon color or white.