How Soon Before the Wedding Should Bridesmaids Get Their Dresses?

Oleh_Slobodeniuk/iStock/Getty Images

A bride often spends the few weeks before her wedding taking care of last-minute details, but knowing that her bridesmaids have their dresses ready for the big day removes one potential pre-wedding complication. Taking charge in the months leading up to your wedding ensures your bridesmaids will have a cohesive look well in advance of your nuptials.

Plan Ahead

Gather your bridesmaids and choose the desired dresses roughly six months before your wedding. Once you order the dresses, it can take as long as three months for them to arrive. When the shop receives the dresses, arrange a day for you and your bridesmaids to meet for the dress fittings. Accounting for the potential for delays and the necessity of second fittings, expect up to six weeks to have the garments altered. Each of your bridesmaids should have her dress ready about six weeks before the wedding. Although you can take the lead in arranging fittings, consider delegating this task to a well-organized bridesmaid.