How Ripe Should Bananas Be for Banana Bread?


0:01 Hi, my name is Jessica on behalf of Expert Village and today I'm going to be showing

0:05 you how to make banana bread. So in this clip we're going to talk about the bananas that

0:10 are going to go in the banana bread, obviously. It's one of the most important ingredients,

0:15 it's what gives the banana bread its really rich banana flavor and one of the most important

0:20 things about the bananas is that they're ripe enough to make the banana bread. This may

0:26 look very groose but the riper the bananas the sweeter and the lighter your banana bread

0:32 is going to taste. So you want to get them so that they're pretty brown, my mom says

0:37 that she like to do it where they're black but, I didn't want to quite bring them that

0:42 far but, I think pretty brown is good. If you don't want to wait that long you can use

0:49 bananas that are a little bit less ripe. I'm not sure but you know it's not going to really

0:54 effect the flavor that much it's really just more about the moisture level of your banana

0:59 bread. This is just a tip that is going to make your banana bread recipe really good.

1:04 These bananas I got them about a week ago so it really did take about a week for them

1:10 to get to this level of ripeness. But it really just depends on if you pick bananas that are

1:16 really a little bit over ripe that is going to make your job a little bit easier and you

1:20 don't have to wait as long.