How Much to Spend on Groomsmen Gifts

When you stand before your friends and family and take your wedding vows, your groomsmen stand right by your side. Typically you pick people close to you to serve as your groomsmen, including close friends and family members. Groomsmen gifts are a necessary wedding expenditure and something most groomsmen expect to receive. The amount you spend on your groomsmen gifts should fall within a set budget.

Minimum and Maximum

The minimum amount of money you should spend on a groomsmen gift is $30, according to experts at Groom Groove, a wedding site for the men in the bridal party. The maximum amount for each gift should be no more than $100. It isn’t the total amount that makes the gift, but that it’s the thought that counts. Look for small ways to thank the men who helped out at your wedding, while still sticking to your budget. Keep in mind that each man is spending quite a bit on the ceremony, including clothing rental, travel expenses and wedding gifts.


One option is to purchase gifts for the groomsmen that are equivalent to the cost of the suit or tuxedo worn by each man in your wedding party. Spending the same amount on the men shows that you realize how much money they spent to be part of your big day. If you insist on custom ordered tuxedos that cost several hundred dollars, then plan to spend the same amount on each gift in return, if you are able.

Gift Ideas

If you can only afford a small gift for each groomsman, then consider purchasing a gift for them to use at the wedding. Find something that each man needs for the wedding, such as cuff links. Purchase matching items and treat each man to one before the ceremony. Watches provide another option to treat your groomsmen and with the wide range of styles and types, you’re bound to find one that fits your budget and each man's style. Consider paying a little extra to have each watch engraved with a special message or thanks on the back.

Best Man

When you purchase groomsmen gifts, it’s expected that you spend a little more on the gift for your best man. Typically, the bride spends more on the maid of honor's gift than on her bridesmaids' gifts; this is no different. Purchase something that is similar to the groomsmen’s gifts, but slightly different. If you buy chrome flasks for each man, then treat the best man to one edged in copper. Expect to pay at least $10 more for the best man's gift.