How Much Should I Tip My Hairdresser at Christmas?

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It's proper etiquette to give a Christmastime tip to a hairdresser who's served you throughout the year, especially if she's been friendly and efficient. Tipping around the holidays is a way to extend your thanks. In general, give a tip up to the usual cost of a salon visit.

Tip Based on Salon Visit Cost

Tipping in cash is a standard approach; think of how much you typically spend during a visit to the hairdresser and make sure you have the proper amount of cash ready to give during your holiday appointment.

Give a Gift Instead

You may choose to give a Christmas gift to your hairdresser instead of a tip. Gift cards are a practical holiday gift, and a gift card to a coffee shop, supermarket, gas station or general merchandise store can come in handy for your hairdresser. Homemade items such as a platter of shortbread cookies, a slab of fudge or a plate or tarts also are appropriate gift ideas.

Tip Throughout the Year

You shouldn't wait for the holidays to tip your hairstylist. It's proper etiquette to do so at the conclusion of each visit over the course of the year. The Emily Post Institute advises tipping between 15 and 20 percent for hair salon visits. If multiple salon attendants serve you during your visit, request the staff divide your tip among themselves.

Write a Card of Thanks

Enclose the tip in a card of thanks. Buy a card with an appropriate message and add your own words to convey your appreciation. Write a specific message such as "I always appreciate how you're so attentive when I'm in the chair" and close the card with a cheerful sentiment. For example, write, "I hope you enjoy being with your family over the holidays. See you in the new year."