How Much Should a Minister be Paid for a Wedding Ceremony?

by Barbie Carpenter ; Updated September 28, 2017

Minister fees depend on the church.

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Make a Donation to the Church

Most ministers accept a donation to the church in lieu of payment to perform the ceremony, according to The Knot. This donation varies in price depending on the church, but generally ranges from $100 to $500, according to Emily Post’s Etiquette Daily.

Pay a Fee to the Minister

Some ministers charge a fee to use his service and facility on your wedding day. Again, this amount varies depending on the church. First Lutheran Church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, charges a $100 pastor fee and $100 facility fee. Ministers who accept payment rather than a donation charge similar rates.

Bottom Line

Whether your minister wants a donation or payment, you can plan to spend $100 to $500 for her services. Emily Post’s Etiquette Daily recommends asking your minister about payment as soon as you set your date.

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