How Long to Cook Rotisserie Chicken


0:01 Hi, I'm Scott from Expert Village and today I'm going to teach you how to make a rotisserie

0:06 chicken. So we got the chicken in the rotisserie now. The last thing we have to do is literally

0:11 set the timer on here. Now for chicken inside of this particular rotisserie it's only 15

0:16 minutes per pound. So will go over here to the settings and put it in for one hour because

0:22 our chicken is 4 pounds. So it's set for one hour, go ahead we put the window up we set

0:28 it for one hour. So now we just wait for an hour. As you can see the rotisserie is done

0:36 an hour has passed and you can see that the chicken looks incredible. But before we can

0:41 take it off the rotisserie we have to make sure t it's cooked all the way through. That's

0:43 where our thermometer comes into play. You take the thermometer and what we are looking

0:48 for is that it goes up to 180 degrees. That means that the poultry is done cooking. So

0:56 we're going to take the thermometer now and we're going to put it at the base of the thigh

1:00 and put it inside and see what the temperature reads. There it goes, alright it's at 170

1:08 it's almost to 180. Alright it's 180, so it's all done. Here is our finished chicken. Doesn't

1:22 that just look delicious. Go ahead and take the trays off here put that in the sink. Take

1:30 some tongs now and take the chicken off. Remove the spit rods