How Long Does it Take to Regrow Eyelashes?


0:01 You've cut or you've lost some eyelashes. Will they grow back? I'm C.G with Lips and

0:06 More. How long does it take your eyelashes to grow back? Well eyelashes grow back the

0:11 same way the hair on your head grows back or your eyebrows grow back. Everything has

0:17 a time frame that takes for it to regrow. Same thing with your eyelashes. If you've

0:22 accidentally cut them or maybe you've pulled a couple out that you didn't want to, maybe

0:27 you've put some false eyelashes on you've pulled a couple out, you didn't remove the

0:30 false eyelashes carefully. They will grow back. Normally, between four and eight weeks

0:37 for an eyelash to regrow. So remember, work around the eye area delicately, be careful

0:44 how you do and curl your eyelashes. If you're thinking about perming or tinting or anything

0:49 like that, remember you can lose eyelashes and they do fall out like normal hair. So

0:53 in recapping, if you have anything done like perming or tinting or in just day to day use

1:00 of an eyelash curler and mascara, you will lose a few eyelashes. Normal time for your

1:05 eyelashes to grow back, four to eight weeks. This is C.G with Lips and More, and the greatest

1:12 gift is the gift of beauty.