How Long Does it Take to Create a Website?

The length of time it takes to create a website depends upon the type of website you want. Web designer Brooke Long suggests that most designer-created websites will commonly take as little as two weeks to as long as several months to complete. Do-it-yourself sites can be set up in as little as a few hours, while complex sites can take up to a year to create on your own.


The amount of time it takes to develop your website can have a significant impact on your bottom line. If your website’s purpose is sales, you could lose business every day that your website isn’t online. Consider this when planning the development timeline of your website. The amount of time it takes to develop a website can also cut into the time you have to perform other business tasks. If money allows, you can save time by delegating website development tasks to others.


Website creation starts with the idea that you need a site. It can then take several days to find and select a web designer. The design phase is next. This stage can take a week or more. After design, you add content. Content generation can take as little as a day or as much as several months. Finally, once you have uploaded all your content, you can make your website live.


You can save time creating your website by focusing on the initial planning. Think about your website’s purpose, create all of your content, outline the structure and look at websites that have designs you like. By creating a plan and sticking to it, you won’t spend time trying to answer questions in the middle of development.


The details of website creation are commonly misunderstood. It can take a large amount of time to change a seemingly small element of a website. For instance, it might be tempting to change the color of a background “just to see what it will look like.” The more time you spend debating the smaller details, the longer your website will take to create. Consider what is most important for your website design, and let everything else go.

Simple vs. Complex

Simple websites have a faster turnaround. If you want your site up faster, choose a template-based design. You can also pare down your content to get your site up quickly. A blog-based site can be set up in a matter of minutes. Complex sites have longer development times. If you want an e-commerce, data-driven website, expect to spend at least a month alone just on creation. Custom-designed sites, especially graphically intense ones, can also take several months to create.