How Long Does a Copolla Keratin Treatment Last?

Image by, courtesy of Luciano Consolini

Founded by stylist and salon owner Peter Coppola in 2007, Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy is a professional hair straightening system based on a Brazilian method known as "escova progressiva" (progressive blow-dry). The results are temporary, with hair returning gradually to its natural texture.


The product's website claims the treatment "encases the hair follicle with a keratinous bond," promoting healing while blocking humidity and toxins from entering the hair. The "maintenance-free" straight hair lasts three to five months and can also prolong the color of dyed hair by sealing it in.


According to the manufacturer, the more often you use Keratin Complex, the healthier hair becomes over time. Unlike other chemical processes which damage hair over time, keratin build-up will promote more straight and smooth hair, making it easier to blow-dry and style.

Time frame

Although the results are supposed to last three to five months, the website mentions that you can have the treatment done as often as every four to six weeks. Reapplication should be done all over, not just on re-growth, as the keratin build-up has long-term benefits.

Maximum results

Maximum results of three to five months depend on how well you follow after-care instructions, maintenance and your lifestyle. Refrain from washing hair or pulling it back for 72 hours after treatment.


Exposure to sun, salt water or chlorinated pool water can strip the hair of the Keratin Complex. Frequent exposure and hair washing will affect how long the hair remains straight. Also, the company recommends using shampoo free of sodium chloride and sulfate, as these ingredients can also strip the hair.