How Does Nair Work?

Satollo Dolce

Nair contains depilatories, which are known for dissolving hair and breaking hair bonds. When these bonds are broken, the hairs can fall out with ease. This method is preferred by some because it leaves legs feeling smooth. Razors, on the other hand, only cut the tips of the hair and leave stubble behind, and can also cause unseemly cuts and razor burns. Nair is easy to use, and can be wiped away with a washcloth and some water.

Applying Nair is easy. First do a test patch to make sure your skin won't have any reactions to the chemicals in the product. Squeeze out some lotion from the bottle and apply it on your legs without smearing it or rubbing it in. The layer should be a little thick. Set a timer for 3 minutes and make sure you wash your hands off. If you have thick hair, wait about 5 minutes. The instructions warn that you should not leave this product on your body any longer than 10 minutes total. Grab a washcloth when your time is up and wipe the Nair off gently. Then rinse the area with warm water.

Nair does not stop your body from producing hair, so you will need to use it on a regular basis. Nair can be used safely once per week. If you have sensitive skin, Nair has a special product for sensitive skin.

Nair can cause burning sensations and and even blisters if left on the skin for too long. Nair should not be used if you have any cuts or open wounds. If you have sunburn, you need to wait until the sunburn has healed before you use the Nair. Always read the warning labels on the Nair packages you buy to prevent any unnecessary injury.