How Do You Know When a Pumpkin Pie Is Set?

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A favorite for finishing fall feasts, pumpkin pie is different from other fruit pies. Instead of chunks of fruit with a thick syrup, pumpkin pie filling has the consistency of custard. Cooking the pie too long will dry out the filling, but not cooking it long enough will make the filling spill out when you slice the pie. Find the perfect balance between these extremes by testing the pie properly before removing it from the oven.

Check the pumpkin pie at the earliest time in your recipe to avoid overcooking.

Insert a knife 1 to 1-1/2 inches from the edge of the pie into the filling.

Remove the knife and check for stuck filling. If the knife came out clean, the pie is cooked to perfection.

Look at the center of the pie. A dry center indicates an overcooked pie, but if the middle seems wet, you have removed the pie from the oven at the correct time.