How do I Tie Sperrys?

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Sperry is a shoe company most commonly known for its Top-Sider. As of October 2010, the latest development to the Top-Sider was inspired by the paw of a cocker-spaniel. The cracked pattern of the dogs paw was incorporated into the shoe's sole.


Sperry has different styles for nearly every season. The Top-Sider is a canvas shoe that comes in both a lace-up version and a slip-on version. Many Sperry shoes have both slip-on and lace-up versions that can be found on their website and at retail locations.

Starting the Knot

Assuming you have purchased a pair of lace-up Sperry Top-Siders that are already laced, hold both ends of the shoelaces upright in front of you. Cross the two ends, making an "X," then bring the right side around the left and through the bottom triangle formed by the laces. Pull tight.

Finishing the Knot

Make a loop with the right lace. Take the left side and circle the loop you have just made on the right. A space will form just above the knot you made in Section 2 and the right loop. Make a loop with the left lace and tuck it through this space. Pull the knot tight.