How do I Tell if a Carlos Falchi Bag is Fake?

by Reese Armstrong ; Updated September 28, 2017

Carlos Falchi is a world-famous fashion designer known for his work with exotic leathers. Celebrities from Jacquiline Kennedy Onassis to Jessica Simpson and Rhianna have all been seen sporting Falchi's handbags. Falchi's bags have also been seen in shows such as "Lipstick Jungle" and "Cashmere Mafia" and the movie "Sex In The City." Such high-end clientele, however, has led to the production of fake Carlos Falchi handbags. But due to the craftsmanship and exotic leathers used in real Falchi handbags, spotting a fake is relatively easy.

Examine the material the handbag is made of. All Carlos Falchi handbags are made from high-end exotic leathers and should be the best quality.

Look at the craftsmanship of the bag. Any luxury handbag should be neatly stitched with no loose strings. All metal pieces should be quality metals and stamped by the designer.

Sit the bag on a table and examine the handles. A real Carlos Falchi bag with have sturdy handles. Short handles should stand by themselves; long handles should be sturdy, but due to the length will not stand alone.

Examine the seams. Many Carlos Falchi bags are made with only two pieces of leather. If a bag looks like there are many separate pieces sewn together, it is most likely a fake.

Check the wear on the bag. A fake bag may look very much like a real Carlos Falchi bag, but if it is made of inferior material it will wear much more quickly.


  • To ensure that a Carlos Falchi bag is real, purchase the bag from a reputable retailer.

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