How Do I Stop Making My Armpits Smell So Bad?

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Smelly armpits are embarrassing and can affect your self-esteem and self-confidence. People may think you're not practicing proper hygiene, because this is often associated with unpleasant body odors. However, other causes can also trigger underarm smells, including mineral deficiencies, dietary imbalances, excessive sweating and medical conditions such as kidney or liver disease. There are various lifestyle changes and adjustments you can incorporate to help eliminate your smelly armpits.

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Monitor your diet, because foods such as red meat, coffee, onions, garlic and exotic spicy dishes can trigger armpit odor. Your armpit sweat glands excrete toxins that your body needs to get rid of. The foods you put in your body determine the smell of these toxins. Eat a healthy diet that includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and unsaturated fats to reduce the unpleasant odor.

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Practice proper hygiene on a daily basis, because improper hygiene can be the reason why your armpits smell. Scrub your underarm area with a washcloth, deodorant soap and warm water to get rid of bacteria buildup.

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Shave your armpits regularly to eliminate armpit hair or to keep the hairs as short as possible. Armpit hair can stimulate odors, because it allows bacteria to accumulate.

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Wash your clothes regularly because even if you practice proper hygiene, smelly clothes can give the opposite impression. Avoid tight clothes that don't allow your armpits to breathe; wear loose clothing so perspiration can escape.

Take at least 200 mg magnesium and 30 mg zinc on a daily basis. These minerals help reduce body odor and balance your metabolism.

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Put deodorant on cleansed armpits daily to combat odors, or use an anti-perspirant with built-in deodorant. Avoid using just an anti-perspirant, because these only combat sweating, not odors. As an alternative, wet a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and rub it on your armpits. According to Health911, this reduces your skin's pH and bacteria are unable to live in areas with a low pH.