How do I Stop Leather Gear From Creaking?

Black Leather coat image by Edward Stephens from

Leather is the processed hide of an animal such as a cow, goat or pig. Many articles are made from leather, including clothing, shoes, furniture and accessories. When leather is new, it is often stiff in appearance and texture, which can result in a creaking noise when the leather is worn or used. Although leather will soften over time, reducing any noise, you can apply a few things to leather to reduce a creaking noise.

Apply a small amount of a fine powder, such as talc or baby powder, under the insole of leather shoes to reduce the creaking noise. The powder reduces the friction of the leather, which is what causes noise.

Lightly dampen a clean, soft cloth with leather conditioner, which you can purchase at many hardware stores, drugstores or leather retailers. Do not saturate the cloth, as leather is a very porous fabric and can stain if it gets too wet. Apply the conditioner using the cloth in circular motions to soften the leather and reduce any creaking.

Apply a light coating of leather protector, available at most grocery stores, drugstores or hardware stores. This will protect the leather from moisture and will also soften the leather, reducing noise. Apply the stain protector in a well-ventilated area and allow 24 hours to dry before wearing or using the leather item.

Gently bend and twist smaller leather items, such as a belt or other leather gear. Roll it gently in your hands to break in the leather and soften it, which will create less creaking.

Place the leather item in the dryer set to “Tumble only." Make sure there is no heat as this can damage the leather. The tumbling action of the dryer will soften the leather and break it in.