How do I Slightly Shrink Shirts in the Laundry?

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You may have fallen in love with a shirt, but it's slightly on the large size. Perhaps you lost weight since purchasing it, or you received it as a gift, or it was the last one available in that style at the clothing store. The good news is you don't need to pay a tailor to make the shirt smaller. Learn how to slightly shrink the shirt in the laundry to obtain a perfect fit.

Place the shirt in a washing machine. Do not add any other clothes except for the shirt you wish to shrink.

Set the washing machine at its hottest water setting and run it full cycle. The heat will help to slightly shrink the shirt.

Put the shirt in the dryer. Run the dryer at its highest temperature until the shirt is completely dry. Remove the shirt immediately and try it on to see if it has slightly shrunk. Place it back in the dryer if it's still too large, turn the dryer on and run it for another 10 minutes. Keep trying on the shirt at 10 minute intervals until you obtain the desired fit.

Repeat the entire process if the shirt didn't shrink to your satisfaction.