How do I Repair Fossil Sunglasses?

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If your Fossil sunglasses are damaged due to poor workmanship or construction from inadequate materials, you can forgo repairs and have them replaced for a minimal fee that covers shipping and handling. However, if you find yourself with sunglasses that need repairing after the warranty has expired or does not meet the warranty's expectations, you may try repairing the sunglasses yourself. Glasses and sunglasses repair kits are available to fix anything from scratched lenses to missing screws.

Do It Yourself

Type the phrase "eyeglass repair kit" or "sunglasses repair kit" on the website in the search box. Read the product description for each kit to see that it contains items such as screws, nose pieces and a tiny screwdriver.

Construct a list of the products and prices you find. As of August 2010, lists repair kits ranging in price from $0.35 to $54.71, the price differential reflecting the amount of items included in the kit or the manufacturer. Many repair kits cost $10 or less. Remember to include the cost of shipping and handling in the total price of the repair kit.

Visit a retail store such as Kmart, Target or Walmart and browse their sunglasses repair products and replacement parts. If there is not a retail store in your area, visit your local dollar store or drugstore, like Walgreens or CVS.

Compare the prices, contents and product quality of the kits you find online to the kits you find at retail stores.

Purchase the tools and parts you need and carefully follow the instructions on their labels.

Send Them Away

Select an appropriate mailing envelope or box that will fit your sunglasses. Bubble wrap that can be added or is already included in the envelope or box will offer your sunglasses additional protection during the shipping process.

Write or type the following information to include in the package: your name, mailing address, email address, telephone number and a description of the problem you have with the sunglasses.

Copy your sales receipt that clearly shows the date you purchased your sunglasses from an authorized Fossil dealer. Fossil sunglasses come with a one-year service warranty.

Prepare a check or money order to pay for your repairs. All forms of payment should be made out to Metro Service Center in the amount of $8.50. You may also pay by credit card if you send your complete credit card information.

Mail your sunglasses to Fossil’s repair center. Use the following mailing address: Metro Service Center, ATTN: REPAIRS, 10615 Sanden Drive, Dallas TX, 75238.