How do I Redeem United Mileage Points for Gifts?

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If you’ve accumulated several thousand frequent flyer miles but don’t have any travel plans, you can still get some use out of those credits. The United Mileage Plus program allows members to redeem their miles for merchandise. If you're a member of this United Airlines program, follow these steps to purchase gifts with your points.

Go to and hover your cursor over the Mileage Plus heading at the top of the page. Select “Use miles” from the drop-down menu provided.

Look for the “Shopping and dining” heading on the next page that appears, then click the “Shopping for merchandise” link.

Use the link provided near the top of the next page to log into your Mileage Plus account with your user name and password. This will display the miles you have available to purchase an item.

Browse through the categories provided to find the item you want to select as a gift. Each listing notes the number of miles you need to purchase the item. Use the “Add to cart” button to select the gift or gifts you want to get, then press the “Checkout items” button when your shopping is complete.

Verify your shipping address or enter a new address to which you want the item to be delivered, then click “Continue.”

Read the shipping information displayed on the next page, then click “Continue.”

Use the link provided on the next page to review the program’s terms and conditions. Check the box provided to agree to these terms, then click the “Place order” button to complete your transaction.