How do I Customize Tiffany & Co. Jewelry?

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As if Tiffany & Co. jewelry isn't special enough, you can make just about any piece of jewelry you purchase there even more meaningful through their engraving services. An engraved piece of jewelry elevates it to an "heirloom" level, as family members often place particular value on jewelry customized with initials. Getting a Tiffany & Co. bracelet, necklace, or ring engraved is a relatively simple process.

Choose which piece of jewelry you would like to have engraved. Tiffany & Co. sets aside an area of their web site for items that can be engraved. If you already have one of these items or if you are ordering one on line, you have the option to have up to three initials engraved. Additional engraving options are available in Tiffany stores.

Decide if you would prefer hand engraving or machine engraving. Tiffany offers both types of service, though hand engraving costs more. The difference? Machine engraving is more consistent while hand engraving makes the piece more unique. Because of the time it takes, hand-engraved items also are not ready as quickly as machine-engraved ones.

Pick the type of lettering you would like for your engraving. Tiffany & Co. offers five styles: Block, French Script, Script, Roman and Italic Roman. Additional options are occasionally offered when you speak with an in-store consultant about your engraving needs.