How Do Girly Girls Dress With Skinny Jeans?

by Pamela Simmons ; Updated September 28, 2017

AnnaSophia Robb dresses up her skinny jeans at an H&M Celebrates Denim Days event.

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Jeans don't have to be dressed down and they don't have to look androgynous. Denim can easily work with feminine looks. And, because denim is such a casual piece, dressing it up is not only fun, but can make your outfit way more interesting. If you want to look like a girly girl in your skinny jeans, just a few tweaks will do the trick.


A quick and simple way to instantly make your skinny denim more feminine is to add a girly top. Ruffled blouses are a simple way to pull this off. Make your ruffles even more girly by finding a ruffled top in a bright shade. If ruffles aren't your thing, but you are into color, a feminine shade like pink makes any look more girly -- no matter the silhouette.

High Heels

Add a little height with the right pair of shoes. Any heel is obviously girly, and since you're wearing denim -- which matches practically everything -- any heel from a wedge to a stiletto should work. Make your look really stand out by opting for a statement shoe in an interesting color, print or design.


Don't forget to accessorize your look. Jewelry adds a feminine flair, so layer on the necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. If you're looking for pieces that are especially girly, try big, statement necklaces, or add a bit of sparkle by opting for shimmery earrings. Keep in mind that jewelry should complement your outfit, so if you're wearing an intricate top or a bold pair of shoes, it's best to accessorize in moderation. However, if you're wearing skinny jeans and a basic T-shirt, accessories can be just the thing to take your outfit from simple to girly.

Prints and Colors

If you don't feel like putting a lot of work into the styling of your look, opt for a pair of denim in a girly pattern. Floral-print jeans or pastel-colored denim are decidedly feminine. Add a simple, neutral-toned top and pair of heels, and you'll have a girly look in no time flat.

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