How Can You Find a Person for Free?

Start Simple

Finding a person has become easier with modern technology. It has become harder in the sense that many primary phone numbers are no longer listed in phone books, thanks to the cell phone explosion. Many people are eliminating a home line altogether in favor of cell phones, and most cell phone numbers are not listed in the phone book. Still, there are many other places to find a person for free.

The best place to start in finding someone for free is the Internet. Go to Websites like MySpace and Facebook. People from all ages are now logging into these social networking Websites. Although they once had a stigma of being like dating Websites, they are mostly used for socializing among friends and networking. Enter in the lost one's name--first and last--into the Website in order to get results. If you have a friend with a common name, you'll want to go to the "Advanced Search" option to enter in target locations in which you may find her. While this option is free, you will need to sign up for the Website in order to get access to many of its members, although you can see anybody's profile on MySpace if they choose to set it as public.


The website Classmates was the key way to find old classmates before free websites including Facebook and MySpace became popular. Unlike those free websites, Classmates charges a fee to contact someone. However, for free, you can find out basic information about the person you're seeking and read messages he may have placed on the message boards. In order to beat the payment system, some people list some kind of contact information in the profiles, and there's a possibility that person you're looking for may have done so.

He Says/She Says

Contact friends that you had in common. mutual friends are always the easiest, quickest resource to finding someone for free. If it's a classmate you're looking for, you can also attend reunions--or call those people you know attended the reunion. Although it's improper to ask for a friend's contact information, you can volunteer your own and politely ask that it be passed along. If it's an urgent matter, express that within the conversation.


Often times, somebody who may appear elusive in your life may be easily found by entering her name in a search engine. This is especially true if someone is aspiring in the arts or politics. Some people have their own websites created well before becoming famous, to attract attention and look "official." Parents also sometimes do this to showcase photographs of children and family videos. A search engine may yield some surprising results, especially if the person has an unusual, easily searched name.


Call Information. Although there is often a charge for this, it's included free in some plans. Ask your provider before calling. By stating the person's name and suspected city, you may get a successful answer. Keep in mind that you may be calling a stranger with the same name as your friend. If you don't recognize his voice immediately--or if someone is taking a message for him--make sure to come clean about your search.


One should contact the police if he suspects a person is missing that he wants found. Police will take a missing persons report. If the person is younger than 18, contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Both will help find a person without charge if there is evidence the person is missing against his will or if the person is a minor.