How Can I Contact Nordstrom?

by Kay Ireland ; Updated September 28, 2017

Whether you want to call in to let corporate know about an especially helpful retail associate, or you have a complaint against store policy, calling the Nordstrom owners can be done easily when you have the right phone numbers for the right department. While Nordstrom is owned as a family business by brothers Bill, Blake, Dan, Erik, Jim and Peter Nordstrom, you cannot contact them directly. You can, however, call their corporate offices and you'll be directed to the correct extension of someone who can help you.

Customer Service by Phone

For those who need customer service such as calling about a return policy, checking inventory or for store hours, they can call the Nordstrom corporate customer service line. From here, they'll be directed to the correct department for their inquiry. You can also call the Nordstrom closest to you directly and ask to speak with a manager if the question or comment that you have deals directly with that store. To call corporate customer service, dial (888) 282-6060 and listen to the recording to be forwarded to a live person. For the address and phone number of the Nordstrom closest to you, see the Resources section for a list of locations.

Customer Service by Mail

At times, you may feel that an official letter is a more appropriate means of communication. You can send a letter directly to the head offices of Nordstrom, which are in Seattle, Wash. In fact, this is the closest you'll be able to get to contacting the Nordstrom owners directly, as this is the base office where the Nordstrom brothers work. Address the letter to:

Nordstrom Direct Inquiries 1700 Seventh Ave., Suite 300 Seattle, WA 98101

You'll receive a letter back from a customer service representative from the home office. This is a good way to lodge a formal complaint, so you have record of the complaint being received by way of a certified letter.

Questions and Comments by Phone

If while shopping with Nordstrom you feel that you have been discriminated against or mistreated in some way, the owners and corporate want to hear about it. Nordstrom has a strict code of conduct and says it takes serious offense when that code is violated. In fact, corporate has set up a separate line for these types of complaints, where you can speak to a conduct representative about your experience. Call (888) 832-8358 to report unethical behavior, or speak directly to the department or store manager if you feel more comfortable dealing with the problem at your local Nordstrom.

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