How a Rice Cooker Works


0:04 hi I'm chef Barbara italiano

0:07 from Goose Valley natural foods today

0:09 I'm going to show you how a rice cooker

0:11 works rice cooker is a very versatile

0:14 not just for cooking rice but for making

0:16 pilaf and stews and soups so let's show

0:20 you the basic parts of the machine you

0:22 have here the main unit and then here's

0:25 the lid and here's the seal

0:28 here's your inner pot it's always best

0:31 when you're purchasing one to look for a

0:33 nonstick inside pot and then really

0:39 important down here is the heating plate

0:41 so I'll show you from the inside so

0:43 that's the heating plate and in the

0:44 middle of the thermometer so you just

0:49 see water and heat to cook rice there

0:54 are four steps to cooking rice there's

0:56 the soaking boiling steaming and resting

1:00 so another great feature some rice

1:02 cookers come with this steam pan I

1:04 really love this feature because you can

1:06 just insert it put your chopped

1:07 vegetables you put some water on it on

1:10 the inside pan with the vegetables and

1:12 when you turn it on it steams your

1:13 veggies so it's really a nice feature

1:15 water boils at 212 degrees so what

1:18 happens is when the rice begins to heat

1:21 up in the water and it begins to boil

1:25 and it cooks and then the steam

1:28 evaporates the water and when that

1:31 happens this kids side the monitor

1:35 senses that and it will automatically

1:38 click the cook switch to the warming

1:41 function it will automatically turn that

1:43 so that's in essence how a rice cooker

1:45 worse

1:47 you