How to Make Impossible Things Possible

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous speech in 1963 began with "I have a dream," where he spoke of a seemingly impossible dream of a racially equal world. Transforming the impossible into the realm of possibility starts with a vision. Like Dr. King, you visualize an idea, and you change the mind's perception. This concept involves the "laws of attraction," which were introduced in the classic book "Master Key System," and in the updated "The Secret." They teach that the dreamer of the impossible can utilize the universe's power to will the impossible into the possible.

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Visualize your impossible dream. Perhaps it's your dream beachfront mansion. Use your mind and think of that goal of you living in your dream mansion.

Create all the details of your impossible dream. Cut out pictures from a magazine and glue them together on a piece of paper.

Hang your dream on the wall for you to look at every day.

Ask the universe for your dream, but use the power of love and gratitude. This is one of the keys to the laws of attraction. You must have love and be thankful. Imagine the love you have for a child or your spouse and ask for the impossible. Then give gratitude for everything you do have in this world.

Believe in the impossible on a daily basis. Perhaps ask for little things too, like the perfect parking spot or finding lost jewelry, but believe in your big dream too. Remember to be thankful.

Receive your impossible wish. It may not happen the same day, but according to the laws of attraction, you will receive what you ask. Negative thoughts can hinder your impossible dream, so let go of them to attract the good things you desire.