Hot Haircuts for Guys

by Wendy Rose Gould ; Updated September 28, 2017


Straight hair, curly hair, thin or thick, the hair atop your head easily serves as one of your best accessories. Because you wear it every day -- and because it's often one of the first details a person notices about you -- it's important to show your hair some tender loving care. Wash it once every other day with a gentle shampoo, get routine cuts every four to eight weeks and don't be afraid to employ a little product.

Curly and Carefree

Actor Adam Brody's boyish looks pair well with his curly hair. You can pull off a similar look if your hair is thick and somewhat curly like Brody's. Use a texturizer or anti-frizz serum to keep things tame throughout the day.

Side-Swept Bang

A polished, medium-to-short haircut with a side-swept bang gives off a refined yet casual vibe, as demonstrated by actor Chord Overstreet. Keep your hair as glossy-looking as his by conditioning every time you wash.

The Ultimate Haircut

If you're brave and have a decent dome, like model Tyson Beckford, try the biggest hair makeover: go bald. If you think you're ready to break out the razor, buzz your hair with electric hair trimmers first to check the shape of your head (and prep for the shave, if you decide to go all the way). When you're ready to embrace the baldness, use products like a scalp balm to moisturize your scalp with a slight shine like Beckford.

Long and Beachy

Though musician Keith Urban is nowhere near the ocean in this photograph, his beachy hair would help him transition nicely into board shorts and flip-flops. You can keep your hair longer or shorter than his, but incorporate subtle blond highlights and use a texturizer for the same vibe.

Short and Gelled

Actor Channing Tatum has always kept his hair short. Short and gelled hair is a look that suits many men, no matter their face shape or coloring. Ask your stylist to keep hair short, but to leave enough length on the top to gel for extra oomph.

Wavy and Sophisticated

Though some men would consider curly hair a curse, don't be afraid to embrace yours. Actor Patrick Dempsey demonstrates that you can look refined and sexy while rocking a carefree, wavy hairstyle. To keep frizz at bay, use an anti-frizz serum on dry hair.

Textured and Messy

Actor Scott Speedman's haircut has extra texture due the short sides and slightly longer hair spiked on top. To create the same sort of textured and messy look, use a little hair wax or molding paste and run your fingers through your hair. Adjust until you've created your desired shape and follow up with a light-hold hair spray.

Perfectly Coifed

If you're the type who prefers to don a suit over a casual jean and printed T-shirt, a perfectly coifed head of hair like actor Benedict Cumberbatch's will likely suit you. His slightly layered do looks well-groomed and voluminous. Create a similar look with the help of a pomade or wax.

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