Hospital Gifts for New Moms

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A new mother will more than likely be focused completely on her baby. In the hospital, she will have little freedom to do as she pleases, and will appreciate every helpful gift she receives. When choosing a gift for a new mother who is still in the hospital, be realistic about whether she will be able to use it, what her likes and interests are, and how your gift can be helpful to her during this exciting and challenging time.


The new mom is likely to want to hold her baby at all hours the moment he or she is born. However, with the physical and emotional stress of birth, she may be exhausted and fatigued, making play time and feeding time difficult. Instead of having to hold the baby with her own arms, you can buy her a sling. The sling acts as a kangaroo pouch, holding the baby tight to the warmth of the mother’s stomach and wrapping securely around her back. These slings are designed to be safe and comfortable for both the mother and the baby, allowing her to walk around holding the baby with her arms free. When she wants to pass the baby off to the father or relatives, the sling can be undone and tied around the next person. Make sure to pay attention to the mother’s likes when choosing color, pattern or style. When in doubt, opt for simple, solid colors.

Nursing Pillow

Breastfeeding is a difficult task that both mother and baby may have to get used to. Making them both as comfortable as possible may speed up the process. Nursing pillows are meant to prop the baby up to the correct position for feeding and take stress off of the mother’s arms and back. If the mother is attempting to breastfeed while still in the hospital, this gift will be a great relief for her. Nursing pillows come in many different designs, textures, colors and styles.

Comfort Items

Mom is not only going to be exhausted, but famished as well. Hospitals aren’t exactly known for having the tastiest food choice, either. Find out what the new mom loves to eat the most, and arrange a basket full of her favorite treats. Bring her a CD or DVD player with her favorite music, so that she can put her headphones on and tune out as she tries to relax after labor. Make sure she has her favorite items from home, including her favorite shampoo, face wash and pillow. Most mothers going into labor pack a bag with them, but it is common to forget a few of your favorite things. Having these items will make all the difference in her level of comfort and her speed of recovery.

Looking Forward

Not all hospital gifts for new moms have to be functional. If you think the new mom is covered and you are having a hard time thinking of a good hospital gift, give her something to look forward to. Construct a gift basket promising a day that will pamper and relax her to the maximum after this incredible feat. Buy her a gift certificate to a day spa, place it in the basket with pink, blue or yellow tissue paper, a stuffed animal, and a card congratulating her on the new baby. Remind her to not forget about taking care of herself in the process.