Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Dad From Young Children


Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity for your little one to show Dad just how special he is to him. Help your child to create some homemade gifts that come from the heart and are sure to make his daddy beam with pride.

Valentine's Day Cards


Give your child some paper and offer him a variety of markers, crayons, heart stickers and other Valentine's Day items. Help him make a special card for his daddy by writing a message on the front of the card and drawing something on the inside. Allow him to add stickers to complete it. Alternatively, help him create a book for his dad. Staple together some paper and then write something on each page such as "What my daddy looks like," "What my daddy does at work," "My dad's favorite things to eat" or "My favorite thing to do with my dad." Add others that come to mind, if preferred. Then ask your little one to draw pictures on each page. When he is finished with his pictures, write what he drew at the bottom of each page, just in case daddy isn't sure.

Special Dad Coupons


Create a coupon book with your child for her to give to her daddy on Valentines Day. Staple together some small pieces of paper or join them together with yarn tied through holes made with a hole punch. Help your child come up with ideas for coupons. For example, they could be for a daddy/daughter day or evening out, breakfast in bed, free hugs, a movie night or a bike ride together.

Delicious Treats


Work with your child to make some of his dad's favorite homemade treats. If cookies are his favorite, whip up a batch of homemade Valentine's Day cookies. Your little one can help dump the ingredients into the bowl and place the dough onto the cookie sheets. If you are making sugar cookies with icing, allow your child to help frost and decorate them. You can also make a heart cake, blueberry muffins, brownies, candy or chocolate-covered pretzels for a dad with a sweet tooth.

Photo Gifts


All dads love pictures of their kids, so use some pictures to create a photo gift for Valentine's Day. Help your child put together a photo album filled with her favorite photos of herself or her and her daddy. Alternatively, get really creative and make a scrapbook for him. Let your child use her imagination and add lots of cool stickers and drawings. Create pages for special times your daughter has had with her dad, such as photos of the day she was born or special outings they've taken together. If you want to make a simple photo gift, buy a plain picture frame, place a photo of your child inside it and then let her decorate the frame with paints, stickers, markers or glitter.

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