Homemade Stain Remover for Clothes

It is frustrating when you pull laundered clothes from the dryer to find a set-in stain that could have been avoided. Use these helpful, homemade stain removers to keep your clothes looking as good as the day you purchased them.

General pre-treating liquid

Heloise, a fixture in the homemaking industry for decades, shares the recipe for liquid stain remover on her website. Mix 1/3 part non-sudsing, clear ammonia, 1/3 part liquid dish soap (do not use dishwasher fluid of any kind), and 1/3 part water. Pour into a clean, clearly labeled spray bottle. To use this stain fighter, spray on clothes and let sit for no longer than five minutes, then launder immediately. Heloise boasts that this liquid stain remover costs less than a quarter!

Spot cleaner for laundered stains

If you have children or are occasionally careless with your liquid beverages, you may have what Heloise terms "mystery" stains on your clothing. These stains, often faded, irregularly shaped spots, can be difficult to remove since they were likely drips of clear liquids like lemon-lime soda or white wine left on laundered items. Three-percent hydrogen peroxide is the secret weapon for fighting these stubborn stains, but only on light-colored or white clothing. Using a cotton swab, dip in the peroxide and gently dab on the stain area. Leave the garment to dry as the peroxide may take up to several hours to achieve the slow-bleaching effect desired.

Coffee and tea stain removers

Most of us have a spot or two of a caffeinated beverage left on our clothing occasionally. Vinegar can be your first line of defense for a home stain remedy against these stubborn, dark stains. Start by treating the stained area with a flush of cold water, rub with a few drops of liquid dish soap, then rinse again. Mix and apply a solution of one-part household vinegar and three-parts water. Rinse in cold water one last time, then launder the garment as usual. Why rinse stained garments in cold water? The answer is that hot water will further set a stain into the fibers of your clothes.