Homemade Medusa Costume

by Samantha Kemp ; Updated September 28, 2017

The headpiece is the central part of a Medusa costume.

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The Greek mythological character Medusa, who turned those who looked directly at her into stone, can be a creative choice to use as inspiration for a costume. Details vary regarding the legend of Medusa and her appearance, ranging from descriptions of a beautiful goddess to a petrifying monster. Common perspectives on Medusa today suggest that she was a terrifyingly ugly creature who had snakes for hair strands and a grotesque body.

Place a shower cap outside on a piece of cardboard. Spray paint the shower cap silver to create a base for the hair portion of the costume. The hair is the most important aspect of the costume and will help people recognize who the costume represents. Let the shower cap dry.

Bend silver or green pipe cleaners so that they represent curvy snakes. Glue a pipe cleaner with superglue to the shower cap. Continue gluing the pipe cleaners until the shower cap is fully covered by pipe cleaners. Allow the glue holding the pipe cleaners to the shower cap to fully dry.

Braid long hair to create an alternative look. Keep the braids vertical on top of the costume wearer’s head by using bobby pins to secure them in place. Make the braids stand up around the crown of the head. Add gel and lots of hair spray to keep the braids in place. Add silver glitter spray to the hair. Another alternative is to make dreadlocks if you would like to use your own hair. Weave small rubber snakes into the hair for a touch of authenticity.

Wrap several yards of snake skin fabric around your waist one and a half times. Toss the remaining fabric over your shoulder for a toga effect. Tug the fabric down to your waist and tie a knot to secure the fabric in place. Use safety pins to further secure and hold the fabric in place.

Place an old dress on your work surface as an alternative to the toga. Cut Styrofoam plates into squiggly shapes.These shapes will represent snake scales. Paint the Styrofoam shapes silver or green. Glue the shapes to the dress, leaving a little space between each scale piece.

Paint the costume wearer’s face with green face makeup. Add gray tint around the eyes and mouth. Wear colored lipstick if desired. Cover other exposed skin with green or gray body paint or makeup.

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