Homemade Leprechaun Halloween Costume

Leprechaun costumes are usually popular around Saint Patrick's Day. However, many people choose to dress up as leprechauns for Halloween. A leprechaun costume can be funny, mysterious, cute or even scary. Making your own leprechaun costume for Halloween is not only considerably cheaper than buying a costume at the store, it is also a lot more entertaining. Plus, you can add your own personal touches to make your costume so distinctive that it will stand out in a crowd.


Buy a long-sleeved green T-shirt. Cut the front of the shirt open all the way down the middle. Hem the raw edges, and sew gold buttons on one side of the opening, about 1 inch apart. Create corresponding buttonholes on the other side of the opening.

Pair this jacket with a pair of green shorts. Make a yellow belt by cutting out a piece of felt that is 1 inch wide and long enough to fit around your waist. Tie the belt around your waist with the knot in the front.

The Hat

For the brim of the hat, tape four pieces of green construction paper together to form a square. Round out the corners of this square, and cut out a circle in the middle of it that is just big enough to fit around the top of your head. Tape two pieces of green construction paper together, roll them into a tube, and tape the tube onto the brim, around the cut-out circle in the middle. Cut out a circle of green construction paper big enough to fit on the top of the hat, and tape it in place.

Use a darker green construction paper to cut out a four-leaf clover. Glue this four-leaf clover to the hat.

Spray or dye your hair red.

Other Accessories

Buy a pair of black shoes. Cut two squares from yellow construction paper, and cut out the middle of the squares to form buckles. Glue the buckles to your shoes, right over the tongue of the shoe.

Buy a pair of white knee socks and use fabric paint (found at any craft store) to paint green horizontal stripes on them.

Glue fake gold coins at the openings of your pockets to make it look as though gold is spilling out of them.