Homemade Gag Gift Ideas for a 40th Birthday Party

Turning 40 is a milestone birthday, and it's ideally suited for gag-gift giving. The threat of old age is becoming a reality, but it's still too far in the future to be taken seriously. You can have some fun before the party even starts by making your own humorous presents.

Survival Kit

Decorate a cardboard box by gluing camouflage-patterned tissue paper to the outside. Place a few sheets on the inside, too, to surround your "gifts": items that a person just turning 40 will need to survive the aging process. Include a box of prunes, some denture cream or denture cleanser and a pair of strong reading glasses. Also include a lanyard with a little notebook attached; label the notebook "Where I Parked My Car Today." For a female recipient, add a cold pack. For a male, include some blue M&Ms in a pill bottle.

Security Blanket

Social Security Blanket, that is. If you knit or crochet, make a lap blanket. If you sew, make a little lap quilt. If you aren't handy with a needle, use a piece of fleece and cut fringe on both ends. You could also make a shawl to match. Make a "Social Security Blanket" label from a rectangle of paper or fabric and pin it to the blanket.

Rock On!

Make "tickets" to rock concerts. Use Microsoft Publisher or any other computer program that will allow you to type text into a rectangle-shaped box. Select a whimsical font, print "Admit One" in bold and use the names of aging bands, such as the Rolling Stones, the Police or Van Halen. Use the recipient's birth date as the concert date. Include disclaimers in the fine print, such as "No refunds in the event of sleeping through the performance" and "Throwing Depends at the performers will not be tolerated."